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Create a lasting impression with our amazing entry doors

Your entry door is not only the first thing people see when they visit your house but it is the first thing you see when you enter your home.

That is why we believe that it is important to ensure this part of your build or renovation does not get overlooked. This is your first impression and it should reflect your style and induce the welcoming feeling you want every time you step inside. Door frames are available in either aluminium, hardwood or H3 pine.

We can supply these with sidelights or highlights please email through your requirements for a quote.

Entry Doors
Entry Doors

Timber Entry Doors

You can’t beat a timber entry door, stained or left in the beautiful natural timber colour, the grain and texture of a timber entry door complements any facade, no matter the style.

All of our timber entry doors are made to order. These are designed to be pivot doors however please get in contact with us if you would like one of these styles in a hinged option as this is sometimes possible depending on door size and timber species.

Paint Finish Entry Doors

A paint finish door offers the ultimate customisation for your home.

Whether choosing classic coastal white or showing your personality with a pop of colour a paint finish entry door can really add the finishing touch to your facade. These doors can be made suitable for pivot or hinge function.


Entry Doors
Entry Doors

Axolotl Entry Doors

PHD Group are proud to work closely with Axolotl Group.

If you have chosen this unique finish for your door we are just the people to guide you through the process. Whether you are the builder, homeowner or designer we are here to assist. PHD Group offer the full service or any part thereof when it comes to Axolotl coated doors.

We can measure your door, construct your door, perform the preliminary installation, provide a frame, provide hardware, transport your door to Axolotl for coating, collect your door from Axolotl upon completion, install your completed door and frame.

To top it off, we communicate with your Axolotl designer throughout the entire process to ensure that both companies are on the same page with your project.
In terms of door construction we provide internal steel reinforcement to prevent bowing and either double duracote or compact laminate skins depending on your door size and routing requirements.

Axolotl Entry Door FAQ’S

Why do I require a preliminary installation?

You don’t want to be cutting through that stunning coating to alter your door in any way once it has been completed. Therefore, if you are wishing to put a new Axolotl coated door in an existing frame you will require a preliminary installation of the door prior to coating.

What happens at a preliminary installation?

At a preliminary installation we will remove your existing door, and sit your newly constructed, uncoated door into the opening. We will mark up hardware height and any uneven angles of the opening. We will then refit your existing door and take your new one away to trim and prep prior to sending to Axolotl for coating.

What is the lead time for my door?

Generally the lead time from deposit payment through to having your door installed is about 10-12 weeks. This will depend on current workloads as well as the individual scope of work involved in your project so best to check with both us and Axolotl at the time of enquiry.

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